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I know how to effectively use modern tools and technologies that save time and money. Don't spend your time with manual repetitive work, focus on business fundamentals.

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I am always use existing online services and make them work together.

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Business process automation with Integromat

Integromat is integration and business automation platform.
Integromat works for you 24/7 and you can focus on more valuable work and business fundamentals.

MVP development

I can help you build MVP of your new digital product with no-code platforms like Bubble.io, Adalo, Webflow or Airtable.

CRM and project management tools

I can help you set up and start using CRM and project management tools like Pipedrive, Notion, or Asana.

Tools I work with

Integromat je online platforma pro automatizaci procesů.
Bubble.io je online platforma pro vytváření webových aplikací.
Adalo je online platforma pro vytváření mobilních aplikací bez psaní kódu.
Notion je online platforma pro projektové řízení, psaní poznámek či správu zákazníků.
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about me

Who am I?

I have spent last two years as a Project and Product Manager in czech fintech company, Payment institution Roger.

Besides, I was in charge of administration and automation of internal systems in sales, marketing, backoffice, transaction and accounting teams. I integrated different systems and services in a way to minimize the manual repetitive work, so the teams were able to focus on business development and other valuable work.

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